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The Whole Story?

Paul Cronin ~ 8 Comments

Thursday August 20, 2015 05:18:55

The statement issued by Mike Passell  explaining his side of the situation was titled "The Whole Story", but.....after some 650 comments posted on Bridgewinners, we still don't seem to have the whole story. It's easy to miss details when there are that many posts, but here are some questions that I haven't found the answers to yet:What was the […]

Sad, Sad News !

Paul Cronin ~ 2 Comments

Monday August 17, 2015 15:22:07

Very sad to see in today's NABC Final Bulletin that Mike Passell, a member of the ACBL Hall of fame, and winner of over 77,000 MPs, has been placed on probation for 13 months with 25% of his masterpoints removed for an ethical violation. The only direct reference in the very short notice is to "Prearrange a deal or part thereof" (E13), and […]

As They Say .. Welcome To America!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 8 Comments

Saturday August 15, 2015 16:27:59

The Spingold Semi-Finals take place today in Chicago after a late night Appeals Committee reversal replacing the team of Richie Schwartz with that of Jimmy Cayne.  That is not the only eye opener.   For the first time I can recall, only two of the four six-man teams (totaling two dozen players) are native born to the United States […]

So Long, Chicago

Sally Sparrow ~ 6 Comments

Monday August 10, 2015 16:05:30

I'm back in Toronto this morning and that means back to work. But I have one post left of my Chicago adventures. So here goes...The last morning in Chicago my Mum, her friend Ollie (both bridge teachers) and I visited the Art Institute of Chicago. We only had a few hours and there was so much to look at. The Institute has one of the largest […]

Edgar Was Right!

Mike Yuen ~ 4 Comments

Sunday August 09, 2015 19:13:49

It is not often we see double game swing in team matches. It is even more rare to see a double doubled game swing.2015 GNT SF Segment 4 of 4. Board 21. N-S Vulnerable. Dealer North.Open Room. [iframe height="400" width="500" scrolling="auto" src=""]   [caption id="attachment_4073" align="aligncenter" […]

Shootout In Chicago.

Mike Yuen ~ 2 Comments

Sunday August 09, 2015 18:42:54

Here is a board where aggressive bidding earned District 19 a game swing.GNT Championship Fight Segment 3 of 4. Board 7. All vulnerable. Dealer South.At the other table North-South was allowed to play in Four Hearts made 10 tricks for +620. Here Rock bid a 2 way Four Spades, either making or a cheap sacrifice, pushed Sylvia to the five level where […]

Dick's Team In Action.

Mike Yuen ~ 2 Comments

Sunday August 09, 2015 18:25:17

2015 GNT action.In the SF Segment 1 of 4. Board 10. All Vul. Dealer East.[iframe height="400" width="500" scrolling="auto" src=""] 3♠ = Clubs. 4♣ = Key card ask. 4♠ = 2 Keycards no Queen.The whole hand boiled down to finding the trump Queen. The percentage play with a 9 card fit is to play for a 2-2 break. Before […]

Let The Games Begin!

Sally Sparrow ~ No Comments

Saturday August 08, 2015 13:29:19

Was too tired last night to blog! But I've had a great week in Chicago. And as I prepare to leave today, the NABC is off to a roaring start. I got to play yesterday in a 0-5 game, it was free all day for novice players. I was ready to put my name in at the partnership desk, when my Mum ran into a young man in the elevator. His name was Shawn and […]

My First Nationals

Sally Sparrow ~ 2 Comments

Friday August 07, 2015 19:26:03

This morning wrapped up the ABTA presentations. We heard from the one and only Zia Mahmood, who told many hilarious and insightful stories about his time as a world champion bridge player. He has stories from far and wide, of success and failure. Hearing him talk was a bit like reading his book, Around the World in 80 Hands. What a guy!This was […]

It’s A Mystery ….

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 15 Comments

Friday August 07, 2015 00:55:43

Unless I am missing something, we are well into the Chicago BOD meeting sessions ..  and I heard nothing about the original proposal re the ACBL/WBF discussion that Steve Weinstein raised on Bridge Winners (with over 700 comments).    Seems strange .. unless the issue was canned.   Just as I was  about to post […]

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