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Sauce For The Goose May Not Be Sauce For The Gander!

Paul Cronin ~ No Comments

Sunday July 27, 2014 19:15:13

The teaching of bridge today is "one size fits all" - there are no geese and no ganders - just "here is what good bridge is about - learn it!". But those new to the game bring to it different levels of ability, and different personality types. Emphasizing "count, count, count" to someone whose memory has perhaps lost a step or two, or urging an […]

Opposites Attract!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 2 Comments

Saturday July 26, 2014 08:29:27

Having played bridge for what seems like an eternity, I’ve been lucky enough to be partnered by a few truly world class players.  Among my favorites were of course Norman, Bobby and Edgar -- identified as Husband #1, Husband #2 and Edgar’s self styled description of himself .. “Partner-in-Law”.  However, today was a first for me.  I […]

Eye Witness To Learn Bridge In A Day!!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 8 Comments

Monday July 21, 2014 01:57:58

Wow, was I ever impressed!!! The ‘girls’ (Patty Tucker and Melissa Bernhardt) outdid themselves.  My daughter Robin and I volunteered as table monitors so I could see the reaction of the newbies who were anxiously hanging onto every word.  Patty and Melissa took turns at the mike .. poised, charming, entertaining and did a marvelous […]

Westgate, Watergate, Whatever…

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 22 Comments

Sunday July 20, 2014 00:23:34

Let me begin by stating that perhaps I should have been wary of Horace Greeley's directional recommendation! After four days here at the LV NABC, I am ready for the funny farm (and haven't even played any serious bridge yet). Though the staff is off the charts congenial, the hotel is hopelessly short staffed to the point of chaos, inconvenience […]

Visualizing The Play

Jeff Lehman ~ No Comments

Friday July 18, 2014 20:39:57

“We had a two-suit fit.”  “I had undisclosed values”.  “I thought my honor in your opened suit would be extra valuable”.All of those comments – comments that might be made by someone who just overbid – can be well-considered … but only if they are placed in the context of, as Karen Walker states in her series of articles in […]

Recap Of 7/14/2014 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 2 Comments

Tuesday July 15, 2014 22:53:03

Form returned to normal yesterday.  By that, I mean that there were 7 swings greater than 5 IMPs and all 7 involved variance in bidding decisions.  Certainly there were opportunities in play, defense and opening leads on many hands, but bidding differences seems to always be where the swings […]

When You Are In An Unusual Contract ...

Jeff Lehman ~ No Comments

Saturday July 12, 2014 22:15:40

Playing weak notrumps, I opened one on ♠Q8, ♥KQJ6, ♦AQ52, ♣T75 on Board 17 of Friday’s matchpoint game at the local club. Three passes followed. The opening lead was the ♠5, to the 4, T, and won by my ♠Q.

Bridge Beyond Reason

Bob Mackinnon ~ 3 Comments

Friday July 04, 2014 10:22:17

Some people like to think of bridge in deterministic terms: find the correct solution and you win. This is the textbook approach. In practice there is uncertainty, in which case, the correct solution entails finding the most probable construction, which does not always provide the winning solution in the short term. Losers are left with the […]

Recap Of 7/2/2014 21 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ No Comments

Friday July 04, 2014 05:28:53

In the 21 boards, there were only 4 push boards and even those 4 offered opportunities for IMPs.   That is, there were (usually small) numbers of IMPs flying around on nearly every hand with a potential comment (critique/compliment) available on virtually every hand. But, for now anyway, I'm only going to comment on the 4 boards that swung more […]


Jeff Lehman ~ 5 Comments

Saturday June 28, 2014 21:29:26

A fine player, but sort of an unlikeable table participant, my LHO (playing with a client) is in her normal, inconsiderate mode at the club.Sitting North, on the first board of the round, she participated in the following […]

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