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Curiouser & Curiouser

Paul Cronin ~ 2 Comments

Monday December 03, 2018 06:19:32

A couple of interesting results from two recent club games:(a) coming second in a 13 table open game paid  0.91 master-points(b) coming second in a 2 1/2 table game the next day paid 1.25 master-points It's easy to forget how sacred master-points are, and good that events like the abovebring us back to earth.On a unrelated note, the Hawaii NABC […]

Best Player In The Room

Jeff Lehman ~ No Comments

Sunday December 02, 2018 12:32:09

I have a several day commitment out of town.  On the first day of the commitment, I discover that the commitment ends at noon.  This allows me enough time to arrange to play at the 1:00 pm local duplicate game.My pickup partner is a woman in her late 70’s.  Upon asking about her background, I learn that she  was a math major and computer […]

Recap Of 11/7/2018 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 2 Comments

Thursday November 08, 2018 16:47:22

Today's game featured 5 double digit swings with one challenging play problem along with 4 bidding decisions (2 slams) creating the remaining 4 big swings. […]

Recap Of 10/24/2018 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ No Comments

Friday October 26, 2018 02:56:47

Here we are again, 2 days later, with a different cast of 7 players plus me.  Again 8 double digit swings mostly based on bidding judgment, but some leads, play and defense opportunities were present on some hands. […]

Recap Of 10/22/2018 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 3 Comments

Tuesday October 23, 2018 14:06:11

A lot of action today with 8 double digit swings, mostly bidding decisions with a couple of opening leads thrown in to make the bidding differences impactful.  One of the 8 hands was a slam swing caused by a key card mixup that I won't bother reporting, so that leaves 7 hands in today's blog... […]

Going....going......gone !

Paul Cronin ~ 1 Comments

Friday October 12, 2018 21:11:27

A club game recently paid 2.63 master-points for a 4 table game, albeit some kind of club "championship" or club "appreciation" or other "special" game. The average master-point holding of the 14 players who didn't win was 723 and the winning pair had an average  of 5,512 master-points apiece. Aside from the issue of selling master-points, there […]

Lovebridge - Love It Or Hate It?

Ray Lee ~ 3 Comments

Friday October 12, 2018 12:14:04

Last week in Orlando at the World Bridge Championships, I saw a demo of what some think may be the future of the game. It's called 'LoveBridge' and it's implemented over a private secure network with each player using his own dedicated tablet to play on.First let me say that the interface is terrific, and highly customizable. Only the most […]

Finally … “under The Table”

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 28 Comments

Sunday September 16, 2018 19:29:39

After several years of investigation (and research together with some of the world’s most knowledgeable bridge aficionados), Avon Wilsmore is about to release a long-awaited saga which describes in detail cheating by the world’s most successful bridge team (winning fourteen world championships). On September 12th I posted on my site “A Long […]

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 22 Comments

Wednesday September 12, 2018 18:42:29


A Long Overdue Bridge Epic!!!!!!!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 4 Comments

Wednesday September 12, 2018 16:23:31

Sometime during the 2018 World Bridge Championship in Orlando, Florida… a 400 page detailed accounting of horrific bridge cheating will be released by Australian Avon Wilsmore; published by Hamman and Associates, LLC, and will be available through Baron Barclay ($24.95). It is entitled UNDER THE TABLE (The Case Against the Blue Team). I take […]

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