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Featured Article: Be Prepared By Linda Lee

Master Point Press ~ No Comments

Wednesday December 07, 2016 16:11:53

An article by Linda Lee on the 12th World Bridge Team Olympiad that took place in Istanbul, Turkey from October 23rd to November 6th, 2004. Be PreparedBy Linda Lee (Canada)If bridge is really a sport, then it’s logical that bridge players can learn from other athletes how to prepare for an event such as the World Bridge Olympiad. Some […]

Oh The Tangled Web We Weave !

Paul Cronin ~ 2 Comments

Thursday December 01, 2016 03:26:11

In Wednesday's "Bulletin" from the Orlando NABC the following hand was written up:                                           986                                           KJ642                                           AK10                                        […]

Would You Believe????

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 19 Comments

Tuesday November 15, 2016 14:01:59

Do you remember as kids how intrigued we were with magicians and all that phony-baloney stuff? It was always a fascination and here I am… still mystified even at my age. […]

Recap Of 11/9/2016 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 1 Comments

Friday November 11, 2016 14:16:59

Election conversation filled the day as we resumed our monthly (at least we try to  meet monthly, sometimes twice) 2-table bridge game.  Bidding judgement was the primary driver for all the big swings (throwing 9 IMP swings into the double digit category).Board 2 […]

Betty Ann Kennedy (1930-2016)

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 9 Comments

Tuesday November 01, 2016 00:23:59

Bobby and I were saddened to learn that his friend of countless decades had passed away yesterday…

The Golden Rule At Matchpoints

Bob Mackinnon ~ 2 Comments

Thursday October 27, 2016 10:00:18

Most play bridge for the fun it provides, and the most fun comes from the quick thrill of a lucky play. That’s a dangerous approach in the long run, so don’t say I didn’t warn you, but, hey, missed opportunities are just as bad, even though you don’t feel them as acutely at the table. To pursue immediate pleasure or to avoid future pain? […]

Bridge Magazine: Sharpen Your Bridge Technique

Master Point Press ~ No Comments

Monday October 24, 2016 19:43:39

The below is an excerpt from the article 'Sharpen Your Bridge Technique' by Mark Horton from BRIDGE Magazine's September 2016 Issue.To subscribe visit  email:   In a major championship thousands of boards are played – in Wrocław the total was 95,001. It is inevitable that many of them will contain and […]

A Brief Bridge Sermon

Bob Mackinnon ~ No Comments

Monday October 24, 2016 18:36:28

Here in Victoria, BC, every week men and women of many faiths and many races gather together in a church hall to play bridge in the spirit of fair and friendly competition under a policy of intolerance to rude and demeaning behaviour.Faith, Hope, and ProbabilityDear friends, as we gather here to embark upon a game of bridge, we should strive to […]

Carefully Planned Hand

Jeff Lehman ~ No Comments

Monday October 17, 2016 00:49:52


Through The Courtesy Of Hbj…

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 8 Comments

Monday October 10, 2016 22:47:57

I want to share with you an impressive view expounding on this much-talked about subject that I stumbled upon on HBJ's site!! Howard Bigot-Johnson's Bizarre World of Bridge Monday, 3 October 2016 JUST LISTEN TO WHAT BERNARD YOMTOV SAYS ABOUT BRIDGE AND WHY SOME CONTROL IS NEEDED TO REIN IN AND OUTLAW COMPLEX AND CONVOLUTED BIDDING […]

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