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It Pays To Be Ignorant!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 2 Comments

Saturday July 04, 2015 18:19:29

No one can challenge the fact that bridge is no easy game unless you are one of the miniscule few who have been blessed with extraordinary talent and sixth sense for doing what is almost always successful.  I am amazed about what I learn after a session with Bobby .. even at our  local club which often presents a challenge as there […]

Great News From Las Vegas Unit 373

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 10 Comments

Thursday June 25, 2015 22:10:02

I just learned that the bridge tournament which was originally canceled for this coming October has been rescheduled due to the giant efforts of Co-Chair persons Jan George and Bob LaFleur. I'm at a tournament as I write and don't have access to my regular computer. However, here is the vital information: The LAS VEGAS DAYLIGHT SECTIONAL will […]

How Fate Affects One's Destiny!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 9 Comments

Sunday June 21, 2015 21:11:06

Reflecting upon comments from my last blog above about Hans and Henry Bethe, it gave me great pause for thought. As some of you may recall, my reference to and our contact with the Lees stemmed from my fortuitous discovery of a half-drafted script high on a dusty shelf in Bobby's Dallas apartment soon after we were married. […]

The Luck Of The Irish!

Paul Cronin ~ No Comments

Friday June 19, 2015 15:31:50

Am just back from 10 glorious days in Ireland, with activities centered around the town of Arklow in Wicklow county on the East coast. Arklow is a town of about 13,000, and about an hour's drive from Dublin. The weather was wonderful, the road system magnificent, and the sights many to behold - the Vale of Avoca (where those fantastic sweaters are […]

Recap Of 6/3/2015 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 4 Comments

Monday June 08, 2015 23:36:32

For our game (held on Wednesday for the first time), we had numerous swing opportunities that were missed.  I'll only cover the 5 that achieved double digit swings.  Duplicate bridge sort of means it doesn't matter who gets the cards, but on the 5 swing hands presented below, our opponents had the cards (and our teammates at the other table). […]

Are There Any Clues?

Jeff Lehman ~ 4 Comments

Friday June 05, 2015 21:22:35

Playing in a sectional open Swiss, where you are facing a pair that has won many open regional events, you engage in a spirited auction, none vulnerable: […]

Tools Still Require A Craftsman

Jeff Lehman ~ 2 Comments

Tuesday June 02, 2015 15:45:17

If someone were to ask me to name a favorite convention, I might select takeout doubles or negative doubles.  But if those were excluded, I think I would choose splinters, one of the most useful tools to aid hand evaluation.But any tool works best when wielded by a craftsman.At a recent club game, responder was favored with a very nice hand […]

Pass Or Respond?

Jeff Lehman ~ 3 Comments

Wednesday May 27, 2015 13:18:36

In Tuesday morning’s club matchpoint game, partner and I were twice faced with the decision whether to pass or respond to partner’s opening bid, when holding a marginal hand.  Both times we were vulnerable. […]

What’s An Opening Bid?

John Goold ~ 6 Comments

Monday May 18, 2015 19:20:06

Over the past few days, I spent some time watching the USBF Team Trials to choose USA-2. As expected, pairs bid aggressively and, in general, played and defended very well. Also, as expected, there were some disasters. […]

Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Bridge

Bob Mackinnon ~ 2 Comments

Tuesday May 12, 2015 15:19:13

I remember as a boy listening on the radio to Jeannette MacDonald singing “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life’. It was most embarrassing for a youngster to hear a middle-aged woman proclaim to the world at the top of her voice that at long last she had finally experienced deeply satisfying sex. Yes, even as a boy I knew she wasn’t referring to […]

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