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How To Lose Your Kibitzers

Jeff Lehman ~ 8 Comments

Monday February 23, 2015 02:33:54

In the second of two hands during the first round of a sectional open pairs, you surprisingly find that you have a pair of kibitzers, players who are participating in the same event.  Must be something with respect to the arrangement of the event or maybe they have finished their first round early and have learned that they will not be playing […]

Bridge And Sports Pyschology

Linda Lee ~ 4 Comments

Wednesday February 18, 2015 19:28:30

I am working on a talk on sports psychology. It has three parts to represent the three activities I participate in: Bridge, Running and Tennis. My expertise in each of them is in that order. I consider myself a bridge expert, a running advanced and an intermediate tennis player (although some might argue that I am being too generous in the latter […]

Unauthorized (dis)information

Jeff Lehman ~ 10 Comments

Wednesday February 18, 2015 14:00:29

The past two times I have played club bridge, I have witnessed table opponents with similar profiles engage in hesitations that bother me.  The similar profile is that each player, although not playing bridge for nearly so long as many of us, play often and successfully enough in tournaments to have garnered several hundred master points in […]

More Circumspection Needed

Jeff Lehman ~ 3 Comments

Tuesday February 17, 2015 02:32:51

Playing with a new partner, an experienced player, we, not surprisingly, engaged in an auction that required agreements we had not discussed.  Board 22 of February 13 morning pairs, part of the Common Game. […]

Bridge Hanky - Panky

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 11 Comments

Thursday February 12, 2015 16:15:07

This blog was inspired by our good friend from the United Kingdom .. "Howard Bigot Johnson" .. who via his humorous tongue and creative mind has, for years, tried to right the ship.  HBJ's frequent renderings are listed at the very bottom of's main page on the lower right hand side.   I suggest you begin with his February 8 […]

Bridge At My Club

Bob Mackinnon ~ 2 Comments

Wednesday February 11, 2015 12:00:29

Bridge blogs are full of complaints. I am here to complain about the complainers who deride the game as played at the local club. They express grievances at a director’s poor decision regarding unauthorized information (UI), but UI is derived from familiarity of the personal quirks of opponents and partners alike that are an integral part of the […]

Recap Of 2/9/2015 21 Board Imp Individual On Bbo

Bob Munson ~ No Comments

Wednesday February 11, 2015 08:00:08

We played 7 rounds, 3 boards per round.  After 3 rounds, 9 boards, we had 4 pushes, 4 1 IMP swings, and 1 4 IMP swing.  Normally, I confine most commentary to the double digit swings, but the first hand I'm going to review is the 4 IMP swing on board 3.[iframe height="400" width="500" scrolling="auto" […]

3nt – Everyone’s Favourite Contract

Bob Mackinnon ~ No Comments

Tuesday February 10, 2015 18:11:43

Players at all levels know the advantages of bidding and making 3NT. A priori this is the most desirable and accessible game. System designers devise ways to get the users to 3NT with a reasonable chance of success. Accomplishing this with a minimum release of information increases the chance of success as declarer may benefit from a faulty […]

Recap Of 2/2/2015 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 2 Comments

Tuesday February 03, 2015 08:08:03

While there were several hands of interest (including a vulnerable 4♠ made at both tables which seemed like it might be beaten), I'm just going with the 3 double digit swings.  Bidding was almost the exclusive cause of the 3 swings, but leads, defense and declarer play presented some opportunities to avoid the adverse swing. […]

Soon Everyone Will Be Playing 2/1 ?

Paul Cronin ~ 5 Comments

Monday February 02, 2015 23:01:09

Have been watching a match between Benito Garozzo-Marina Stegaroiu (Romania) and Patrick Bocken (Belgium) -Tarun Badiani (Belgium). As I watched, I couldn't help smiling when I thought of the 2/1 advocates here who say that soon everyone will be playing 2/1. Well, maybe not everyone - as here are a few of the bids I saw:a 1S overcall of a 1D […]

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