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The Wagar Cup Appeal

Bob Mackinnon ~ 9 Comments

Tuesday August 26, 2014 17:35:14

When committees continuously modify a basically simple set of rules to accommodate narrow self-interests, one ends up with a tangle that defies logic and confounds the ordinary man. The tax laws with all the loop holes are an example of self-interested tinkering carried to extremes. Judges aim to uphold the laws, but juries are not compelled to […]

Zero Intolerance Personified!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 13 Comments

Saturday August 23, 2014 20:28:46

It is abundantly sad that some individuals have deprecated our wonderful game with their ANYTHING GOES view of acceptable behavior.   I have recently learned that our terrific, popular and once flourishing club has suffered from a noticeable number of  dropouts and when those once-regulars were asked why, they vehemently pointed to rude […]

Recap Of 8/18/2014 28 Board Imp Individual

Bob Munson ~ 3 Comments

Thursday August 21, 2014 15:58:00

Once more, with today's hands, almost all large swings were driven by bidding judgment, but defense (and opening leads) did play a role in a couple of […]

A Love-in For Proctor Hawkins!!

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 13 Comments

Tuesday August 19, 2014 00:25:15

One of the most beloved bridge enthusiasts I have met since relocating in Nevada was the gentleman who was so warmly remembered yesterday at The Henderson Bridge Club overseen by Dixie Sue Allsbrook and Carol Warren, with Rick Price officiating.    Proctor, who passed away on June 22nd after a lingering illness, was a legend among us and was […]

Canadian Women's Teams Championship

Mike Yuen ~ No Comments

Monday August 18, 2014 16:16:44

Over the 15 August weekend In Edmonton. In 120 boards final, Team Cimon : Francine Cimon - Sandra Fraser - Isabelle Brisebois - Kismet Fung best Team DECT : Katie Thorpe - Ina Demme - Joan Eaton - Karen Cumpstone 222 to 197.Congratulations to both teams for a very exciting final.  [caption id="attachment_4022" align="aligncenter" […]

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone, Long Time Passing.....

Paul Cronin ~ 8 Comments

Thursday August 14, 2014 17:47:13

Of the 33 bloggers listed below, 10 have posted something this year. Of the others, 1 had its last post in 2009, 9 in 2010, 6 in 2011, 4 in 2012, and 3 in 2013.Where (and why) have all the bloggers […]

Curious & Curiouser

Paul Cronin ~ 2 Comments

Monday August 11, 2014 00:17:43

Getting harder and harder to fathom master point awards! The Friday afternoon game at the local club had 10 1/2 tables in a "web" movement, and paid 1.10 MPs for 1st. The Saturday evening game had 5 tables in a Howell movement, and paid 1.63 for 1st. The Sunday afternoon game was a Swiss with 3 teams, and paid 1.73 for 1st. Hmmmmm......... […]

It Takes One To Know One…

Judy Kay-Wolff ~ 12 Comments

Sunday August 10, 2014 22:44:33

Allow me to preface my title and introduction with a disclaimer as I am in no way qualified to make the judgment alluded to as what constitutes these so-called world class players, whose names today are bandied about as if they are cast in stone. However, being married to two gentlemen whose uncontested records and reputations for a combined total […]

Watching Meditation At Work

Bob Mackinnon ~ 2 Comments

Wednesday August 06, 2014 12:00:02

I was delighted to see Allan Graves come out a winner at the 2014 Spingold as a member of the Richard Schwartz team. I have played against him several times at our local club while he was a resident of Victoria for a brief period. It is always a pleasure to lose to a gentlemanly card shark as one comes away thinking one has been given a free […]

Information Changes Perception

Bob Mackinnon ~ No Comments

Tuesday August 05, 2014 14:30:53

Information Changes PerceptionIn a recent Swiss Teams I was dealt the following potent collection: ♠ AKQT6 ♥ AJT8 ♦ -- ♣ AQ43. If I could make just one bid it would be 6♠, but slam was possible in 3 suits, and courtesy demands one lets partner have his say. Admittedly it would be nice to find out whether I would find an entry in the […]

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