Ireland Imp Pairs July 2nd

Eamon Galligan   ~  

3 July 2020 01:01

Ireland Imps Pairs ... Friday night 815pm to 20 tables by BBO for now.. July 3rd 2020Tonight we continued with the Ireland Imp Pairs. The 830pm start seems somewhat better than finishing at. […]

New Bridge Teaching App

Jennifer Jones   ~  

2 July 2020 20:36

Have you heard about Baron Barclay's new bridge teaching app, bridgebee?  https://bridgebee.appHere is how they describe it:BridgeBee provides interactive, teacher-guided playable hands focusing on. […]

July 2nd 830pm start Ireland Imps

Eamon Galligan   ~  

2 July 2020 14:22

Good evening folksWe will go with830pm start for Ireland Imps pairs tonight July 2ndWe only have 20 tables allowed for now as far as I know. Still FREE. Last night a very quiet Garve made a little no. […]

The new BBO rules ..20 tables max for FREE

Eamon Galligan   ~  

1 July 2020 16:48

Ireland Imps Pairs .. 20 table limit .. Wednesday night is a quiet night so we will go with that.830pm July 1st starting time However we are allowed start  at any time but we might have a gang that. […]

NABC Robot Individual Practice hands Day 2

Jennifer Jones   ~  

1 July 2020 04:53

The second practice day had its ups and downs.  The robots misdefended on a few boards and I received good scores.  On one hand they took the first 5 tricks in 3NT and I went down, whereas the contr. […]

NABC Robot Individual Practice hands

Jennifer Jones   ~  

30 June 2020 01:14

I enjoyed playing in the free practice games over the weekend for the upcoming ACBL NABC Robot Individual July 11-13. Here are two hands from the first practice session where I scored 67%.  The robot. […]


Karen (Kate) McCallum   ~  

28 June 2020 22:38

                  Hi everyone,     Our next match will be on Tuesday, June 30, at 7 PM Sydney time.  As always, if you can't make it at our regular time, you can play the match at some oth. […]

The Dark Side

Kit Woolsey   ~  

28 June 2020 11:06

In a round of 64 match in the Spingold, you have the opportunity for an aggressive action as dealer. N-S vul, West deals. As West, you hold: If you are willing to upgrade, your. […]

Advanced Lesson 28, Bridge Leads versus Suit Contracts

BridgeHands   ~  

26 June 2020 20:57

At long last (for now at least), this will end our series on Opening leads as we complete our series on opening leads versus Suit Contracts. And yes, our “CIA” (Counting, Inferences and Analysis). […]

To BBO: Please eliminate UI from insta-actions

Michael Rosenberg   ~  

26 June 2020 08:10

This article is not about what I define as “cheating” which, for me, requires collusion or illicit knowledge of a deal. This article is purely about what I see as a large UI issue in online bridge. […]