The Magical BJ O'Brien wins Senior Trials 2019 & Peter Pigot Bridge

Eamon Galligan   ~  

15 December 2019 18:42

This afternoon the fancied O'Brien squad held off a lacklustre challenge from the Keaveney squad in the deciding match of the Telscher Trials. The boards just did not have the imps in them for Keavene. […]

Can't Trust Him

Kit Woolsey   ~  

15 December 2019 08:10

In a round robin match in the Open trials, you must decide upon the best approach with a possible slam hand. Both vul, South deals. As North, you hold Conventional approaches wh. […]

Senior Camrose Trials December 14th 2019 Templogue

Eamon Galligan   ~  

14 December 2019 13:40

Meanwhile down in Templogue 6 hardy aging teams take on the Senior Camrose Trials.5 ultra fit teams go with 4 person teams whereas the older wilier BJ O'Brien has selected 5 team mates to share the pl. […]

Hands 11-17 from the Jum Cahill invitational pairs and Paul Delaney Bridge Coach

Eamon Galligan   ~  

14 December 2019 10:46

Greetings from a cold but slightly sunny Swords. This morningĀ  I tried a few more hands from the Jim Cahill Invitational pairs event. This event was held in the Regent Bridge Club on the weekend of t. […]

Lead-directing doubles

Phasmid   ~  

8 December 2019 16:21

How good should your suit be to make a lead-directing double of an artificial bid? Let's think about what we're trying to achieve when we make one.What we're trying to achieve is to get our defense of. […]

Information Squeeze

Kit Woolsey   ~  

8 December 2019 16:11

In a round-robin match in the Open Trials, you face an interesting evaluation problem. N-S vul, East deals. As South, you hold: Your opening 1NT range is 14-16. If you open 1!H. […]

Help Needed Posting Results

Bridge Winners   ~  

1 December 2019 03:30

Bridge Winners is looking for someone to help with posting the results for the San Francisco NABC. For most NABCs we've been fortunate to have our reporter, Oren Kriegel, posting results each day, but. […]

Where was the ace of hearts?

Paul Gipson   ~  

27 November 2019 10:28

The third round of the Scott Cup, the club's teams championship, and we only played eight of the 24 hands. Fortunately we defended well but our opponents generally played and bid well against us too,. […]

2019 English Premier League

Paul Gipson   ~  

13 November 2019 14:37

I've not written about the English Premier League this year for a couple of reasons: firstly I did not play well for most of it; and secondly I'm planning to use many of the boards for training activi. […]

Supporting partner

Paul Gipson   ~  

23 October 2019 10:24

I played with Ros last night, for a change, in the SBU Simultaneous Pairs. We were moaning all night about the poor hands we were getting and felt like only our defence was being tested. Statistics do. […]