The Blindspot series continues with a hand from Ireland imps. Game at 830pm nightly

Eamon Galligan   ~  

29 September 2020 04:24

 Ireland imps pairs takes place every night at 830pm with 24-28 boards of Elvis deals passouts and not much 1NT all pass. Right so with partner opening the bidding and Thomas holding a juicy 10. […]


Karen (Kate) McCallum   ~  

28 September 2020 06:37

     Hi everyone,   Our next match will be on Tuesday, Sept 29 at 7 PM Sydney time.  As always, if you can't make it at our regular time, you can play the match at some other time and join in t. […]

Losing Trick Count & Slam Bidding

Jennifer Jones   ~  

27 September 2020 13:52

 Although, technically speaking, we don't use Losing Trick Count until we find a trump fit with partner, I find myself automatically making note of the number of losers in my hand as a secondary eval. […]


Kit Woolsey   ~  

27 September 2020 03:06

In a round of 16 match in the Spingold, you have an interesting choice of games decision auction. None vul, South deals. As North, you hold Double would presumably be a normal n. […]

Board 9 Gala Pairs Malahide ... continuing the Blindspot series

Eamon Galligan   ~  

26 September 2020 11:30

 Ireland Imps Pairs takes place every night at 830pm. Good hands no Pass outs .. a little shook up and stirred. Meanwhile I was perusing through the Malahide Gala Pairs results and the Declarer had. […]

The 2020 Online Cheating Scandal

Eldad Ginossar   ~  

25 September 2020 01:48

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home –Confucius Since March 2020 over 30 top bridge experts have been found cheating in high-level online tournaments. Most of these playe. […]

Round 2 of the InterCity League

Paul Gipson   ~  

24 September 2020 08:58

 First, the answer to last week's lead problem.A trump lead is the only one to beat the contract, as it is through dummy's king and partner has the ace and queen; three rounds of trumps leaves declar. […]

Board 5 Malahide Gala Pairs it a blindspot or what went wrong

Eamon Galligan   ~  

24 September 2020 03:26

 Ireland Imp Pairs takes place every night at 830pm ..Good hands decent opponents.. a couple of cute hoors ..a village idiot and a clown ..Meanwhile in the leading club in the Broadmeadows area somet. […]

The InterCity League is back

Paul Gipson   ~  

16 September 2020 14:54

My Wednesday evenings for the autumn are now booked as the BBO InterCity League is back or, to give its full title, Tonči Radelja Memorial - BBO Intercity League XXXIV edition - Fall 2020.We are in. […]

The slam zone

Paul Gipson   ~  

15 September 2020 02:22

 Our Monday night 24-board match on BBO saw three slam swings and provided more evidence, if any was needed, that if you let the opponents bid on their own they will normally find the right spot so g. […]