May 25th and Tranmers again

Eamon Galligan   ~  

26 May 2020 00:44

The Tranmer annihilation continues. It is just carnage.  Have not seen carnage like this since the Coen Trophy in 2001 when I was lucky enough to find myself in Heat 4 partnering 3 team mates also in. […]

Sunday Night May 24th Ireland imps

Eamon Galligan   ~  

26 May 2020 00:21

Tranmer win Again    link to BBO results

Email Notifications Working Again

Bridge Winners   ~  

25 May 2020 23:34

There was a bug in our mailer program that essentially blocked all the email notifications from going out for over a week. After one of us removed the blockage, all the unsent email for the past week. […]

Saturday May 23rd Ireland Imps

Eamon Galligan   ~  

25 May 2020 08:36

May 23rd wackojack

Transfer Advance

Kit Woolsey   ~  

24 May 2020 16:29

In a Round of 64 match in the Spingold, you have the opportunity to take advantage of your transfer advance agreements.None vul, West deals. As South, you hold:You play transfer. […]


Karen (Kate) McCallum   ~  

24 May 2020 14:38

  Our next match will be on Tuesday May 26 at 7 PM Sydney time.  As always, if you can't make it at our regular time, you can play the match at some other time and join in the discussion later.  I. […]

Social Lesson 21, Negative Doubles – Part 1, Responder Bids

BridgeHands   ~  

22 May 2020 18:26

Welcome Bridge Friends! Negative Doubles our partner asks? Oh sure, just like Takeout Doubles, right partner? Woah, wait a second – many aspects of Negative Doubles are exactly opposite our bidding. […]

Four red flags

Phasmid   ~  

17 May 2020 16:01

In a recent ACBL robot tournament on BBO, I was faced with this decision on the last board:To overcall or not to overcall? That is the question. I see four red flags here:the vulnerability;poor suit,. […]

Lockdown update

Paul Gipson   ~  

17 May 2020 14:49

My local club has been closed since mid-March and we've been in lockdown since then too.You would have thought that this would leave me plenty of time to blog and I'd have plenty of hands to discuss.T. […]

Advanced Lesson 25 – Hands of the Week

BridgeHands   ~  

15 May 2020 20:16

This week it’s time for a Bridge brush-up to practice and reinforce our skills and put our knowledge to work with a variety of hand. Better yet, we will have several bidding and play variations of t. […]