Part 4 - Bidding Delay Rules

Michael Rosenberg   ~  

2 December 2020 23:01

First round The first round of bidding is defined as the opening bid and the next three calls after that bid. (Passes before the opening bid are subject to a 4-second delay.) During the first round of. […]

New WBF Disciplinary Code and Investigations Committee

Adam Wildavsky   ~  

1 December 2020 19:17

The WBF Executive Council met last week via Zoom and approved a new Disciplinary Code and the creation of an Investigations Committee. Previously, investigations were handled by the High-Level Players. […]

A Fascinating Final Deal

Chip Martel   ~  

30 November 2020 18:38

Yesterday's ROSENTHAL-RIPPEY match ended in a tie (128 all) so eight extra boards were played. ROSENTHAL led by 4 going into the final deal, a partscore battle with challenges in bidding, play, and de. […]

Two humans kicked over the robots last night in Ireland Imp pairs

Eamon Galligan   ~  

29 November 2020 11:51

 Last night in the Ireland Imp Pairs we had a nice little game going with some decent players togging out. The top 4 places included Waterford champion William McKay,regular visitor to Ireland Congr. […]

Camrose Trophy 2021 Ireland representatives are probably Team BJ.

Eamon Galligan   ~  

27 November 2020 07:41

 Team BJ won the recent Camrose trials but I don't know if the selection committee have ratified the winners to represent CBAI in the Camrose series both weekends yet. Have to wait and see. Team BJ. […]

Ireland Imps Pairs tonight 830pm and every night. We want the best pair in Ireland. Come Granda Tom

Eamon Galligan   ~  

27 November 2020 07:22

 Recently I have been following Fearghals Sligo events with interest. I gradually noted that Granda Tom and his regular partner higheg nearly always win. Now I understand that pretty much all the Sli. […]

Losing Trick Count in Slam Bidding

Jennifer Jones   ~  

25 November 2020 18:37

This is a tale of two slam hands.  One successful, one not.  They were played on the same day--one at matchpoints and one at IMPs.This first one was at matchpoints.  After partner opened and we loc. […]

Execute this Endplay with Me

Jennifer Jones   ~  

8 November 2020 16:12

I played a hand this week which is a great example of an endplay if you need to brush up on your skills in this area.Playing IMPs in an Instant Tournament, I opened 1NT with my balanced 16-count and W. […]

Happy Halloween

Jennifer Jones   ~  

31 October 2020 23:02

Final ICL round ... at least for us

Paul Gipson   ~  

29 October 2020 01:46

It was the final match in our group of the InterCity League. We were playing North London, who were top of the table, and needed a maximum to stand any chance of squeaking into the knockout stages.I p. […]