2017 USBC Discussion Thread

Bridge Winners   ~  

29 April 2017 17:08

The 2017 United States Bridge Championships are taking place during April and May in Schaumburg, IL (outside Chicago) to determine the teams that will represent the US in the 2017 World Championships. […]

The Right Order

Kit Woolsey   ~  

29 April 2017 00:13

In a semi-final match in the Senior trials for USA2, you face a potential slam-bidding decision. N-S vul, South deals. As South, you hold: Your opening 1NT range is 14-16. If yo. […]

DWYER Leads USBC Round-Robin

Bridge Winners   ~  

28 April 2017 21:56

After the first day of the Open USBC, #8 DWYER (Dwyer, Lee; B. Cohen - Cohler; Becker - Kamil) leads the round-robin, with #9 WOLD (Wold, Levine; Compton, Grainger; Jacobus, Passell) second and #6. […]

More Exciting Bridge Books Unearthed

Howard Bigot-Johnson   ~  

27 April 2017 14:19

MORE EXCITING BRIDGE BOOKS UNEARTHED ........( by gardening guru Pun ) I'll Give You One Good Reason Why You Need Me As A Partner.........Ima Weiner To Say I'm Upset Partner Is A Gross Understatement. […]

The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XX: Just Another Ping Pong Ball

poorfrank   ~  

25 April 2017 19:16

The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XX:  Just Another Ping Pong Ball By Ray Adams frankandarchie@yahoo.com Porczouk Nograwowicz of Team Porcupine found himself at the helm of a touchy slam in a ve. […]

The Latest Crop Of Best Selling Bridge

Howard Bigot-Johnson   ~  

24 April 2017 15:05

THE LATEST CROP OF BEST SELLING BRIDGE BOOKS..................... ( Information harvested by Pun )  Partner What Was Your Reasoning For Bidding That Slam ?...........Justin Hope I'll Tell You What's. […]

Applying pressure

Phasmid   ~  

23 April 2017 18:08

As my regular readers will know, I'm a fan of so-called pressure bids, that's to say wide-ranging preempts opposite a passed hand. I'm also a non-fan of making tram-ticket overcalls opposite a passed. […]

2017 Lady Milne this weekend

Eamon Galligan   ~  

21 April 2017 08:56

This weekend somewhere in Wales we have the Lady Milne Trophy for the championship of the British Isles. You can find a link to the event via the English Bridge Union website. http://ebu.co.ukOnce you. […]

The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CXXVII: Two Ducks Cook a Goose

poorfrank   ~  

18 April 2017 11:39

The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CXXVII:  Two Ducks Cook a Goose By Ray Adams frankandarchie@yahoo.com Two ducks by Lucky Archie cooked Poor Frank’s goose just the other night at the local duplic. […]

Bridge Now ELO rating

Eamon Galligan   ~  

15 April 2017 06:00

Using data since January 2017 I have been calculating a rating list for http://bridge-now.comThe basic formula is 3 times your old rating plus some factor of your expected performance plus top 50 play. […]