The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part LIX: Doubled Delight

poorfrank   ~  

17 July 2018 14:51

The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part LIX: Doubled Delight By Ray Adams   Stanislaus Kowalski of Team Porcupine recently remarked to his teammates, “You know, sometimes I. […]

The robots on Bridgez treated me well again today .. I await the peleton

Eamon Galligan   ~  

17 July 2018 14:02

For the last few days I have taken my daily dose on Bridgez .. Getting mid 50% scores .. after my heroics on Friday where the peleton finally overhauled me late in the evening with tof90 and lechene p. […]

Incorrect Car Registration : It Can't

Howard Bigot-Johnson   ~  

17 July 2018 05:54

INCORRECT CAR REGISTRATION : IT CAN'T BE BREACH OF CONTRACT ONLY AN ACT OF INNOCENT MISREPRESENTATION The precise moment when a motorist keys in incorrect car registration details the contract has not. […]

Incorrect Car Registration : Why Not

Howard Bigot-Johnson   ~  

16 July 2018 11:04

INCORRECT CAR REGISTRATION : WHY NOT CONSIDER THIS AS A POSSIBLE DEFENCE ? If this defence stands up to scrutiny then it could potentially defeat all PCNs issued under this heading , and put at end to. […]

Way to Recover

Kit Woolsey   ~  

15 July 2018 07:01

In a Round of 16 match in the Open Trials, you have to deal with one of your rarer treatments. None vul, South deals. As South, you hold: You are playing a strong club. If you o. […]

World Bridge Day

John McAllister   ~  

14 July 2018 07:01

On Friday, February 16th, I walked into the Charlottesville T'ai Chi Center. Hiromi Johnson greeted me there, not recognizing me at first. After a couple of seconds, she remembered me while helping. […]

A bridge player could do worse than play Bridgez daily tourney

Eamon Galligan   ~  

13 July 2018 13:04

FolksSometimes I play the Bridgez Daily 16 board tourney .. Today I got a good start and then took a break after 10. On returning I got another few good boards and was up around 68%. I now knew a good. […]

In The Well: Ralph Katz

Ralph Katz   ~  

12 July 2018 05:01

Ralph Katz is one of the greatest natural card talents in the history of the game.  At age 22 at the Summer NABC in Las Vegas, Katz and partner Ken Schutze wanted to practice for the Spingold, but th. […]

Summer Instant Matchpoint Game

Jennifer Jones   ~  

12 July 2018 01:51

I enjoyed playing in the instant matchpoint game this week. Bob Klein and I racked up a 70.5% game and the hands were fun.  The analysis by Silvia Shi and Daniel Korbel was refreshing as they referre. […]

Incorrect  Car Registration :  Useful

Howard Bigot-Johnson   ~  

10 July 2018 17:28

INCORRECT  CAR REGISTRATION :  USEFUL CASE LAW TO KNOW Thorton v. Shoe Lane Parking ( 1971 )   Court Of Appeal Held : The ticket machine constituted the offer. The acceptance was by putting the mo. […]