Change of Heart

Kit Woolsey   ~  

20 October 2019 15:10

In a round-robin match in the Open Trials, you face a difficult responding problem. E-W vul, South deals. As North, you hold: 1!D: 11-15, 2+ diamonds. If balanced, 13-15 (since. […]

Normal service resumed

Paul Gipson   ~  

16 October 2019 08:29

Back to the club for the second round of the Scott Cup, looking to avoid a repeat of our poor performance last time. Unfortunately Ros was downed by a cold, but luckily Terry was available as a replac. […]

Which Slam Is Best

Kit Woolsey   ~  

13 October 2019 07:42

In a round robin match in the open trials, you are faced with a potential slam decision. None vul, West deals. As South, you hold Your bids here would have the following meaning. […]

Gold Cup round one

Paul Gipson   ~  

10 October 2019 07:44

It's been a few years since we played in the Gold Cup, not least due to how far apart Alex and I live. But now Alex's retired it is slightly easier to arrange matches and so we teamed up with Mike and. […]

Idiot couped

Lak   ~  

3 October 2019 02:28

At matchpoints in a robot tournament, we had a normal auction to reach 4H.  East leads the Jack of diamonds.  Dummy (south) covers and West takes the Ace and returns a small diamond. Plan the play.. […]

The Purest form of Bridgebase online and final World Seniors placing

Eamon Galligan   ~  

2 October 2019 07:36

Today I finished my first go at the purist form of bridge and arguably the toughest.MatchpointsJust Declareand 2 grandmasters and one Kerryman and one Conor Boland as opponenrs.After butchering at lea. […]

World Championships Updates - England Mixed Team captain's reports - Third-place play off (Paul Barden)

EBU   ~  

30 September 2019 07:45

Third-place play off, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th SeptemberRomania, who we beat handily on the first day of the event, outplay us in the first set, winning four double-digit swings.  There is one r. […]

World Championships Updates - Women's Team Progress - Bronze in the Venice Cup! (David Gold)

EBU   ~  

30 September 2019 07:41

Gold wasn't possible after our loss to the brilliant Swedes but we had an 80 board play off for 3rd place.We won a scrappy and very close match against old rivals the Netherlands by 5 imps. We picked. […]

Welcome to Jennbridge!

Jennifer Jones   ~  

27 September 2019 15:00

NEW!! BRIDGE TOURNAMENT HANDBOOKTips for Astonishing Success at  Bridge TournamentsBRIDGE TOURNAMENT HANDBOOK:  A CHECKLIST and GUIDEBOOK FOR TOURNAMENT SUCCESSWould you like to have more fun and g. […]

World Championships Updates - England Mixed Team captain's reports - Semi-Final (Paul Barden)

EBU   ~  

27 September 2019 07:53

Semi-Final, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th SeptemberUSA1 scraped into the knock-out stages only in the final round on Sunday, but that's ancient history.  Our semi-final starts badly for us.  On b. […]