Hot and Cold

Kit Woolsey   ~  

23 January 2022 16:28

In a round-robin match in the Senior trials, you must decide how best to handle an unexpectedly good-fitting hand. Both vul, North deals. As North, you hold: 2!C: 6+ clubs, 10-1. […]

Alt Best Hands - The BeBridge Best Declarer Nominees

Alt Invitational   ~  

22 January 2022 17:17

Martin Cantor reports: During 2021 Alt organized 19 high-level online events. 64 teams took part, involving 740 players. 3,018 boards were in play, and in total 65,886 boards were played. That’s a l. […]

Alt Best Hands - BeBridge Best Declarer Play award - The Poll

Alt Invitational   ~  

22 January 2022 17:17

Martin Cantor reports: If you've already read the associated featured article 'Alt Best Declarer PlayNominees' you can go straight to thepoll and vote for your favorite. If not, here's the basic infor. […]

Bust hand?

Phasmid   ~  

15 January 2022 16:12

When playing a "standard," i.e. non-big-club, system, the 2♣ opening usually is an artificial bid showing a strong hand of 22+ hcp (if balanced) or an unbalanced hand that only needs one "card" to. […]

The Magician makes a 2C opening bid but at least he was not peeking

Eamon Galligan   ~  

3 January 2022 11:25

 This morning I spotted a lad holding a solid diamond suit AKQJxxxx and nothing outside. At the odd table in the odd club I direct in the West might consider passing as he only has 10 points. Howeve. […]

A real roller coaster

Paul Gipson   ~  

15 December 2021 11:12

LotG and I have been playing in the club's cross imp pairs competition, the McDonald Rose Bowl and our performance has been variable.Pianola view of our performanceThe event has a good format with you. […]

One suspects the North lad missed his partners PASS as dealer

Eamon Galligan   ~  

12 December 2021 13:07

 Good afternoon folks Here is a hand I just witnessed in the Masters Pairs from CBAI. South passes as dealer and West launches a 2H weak opening ...a solid weak 2 bid which is passed back to South. […]

A hand that shows how hard a game bridge is or is it Hanging on the Telephone

Eamon Galligan   ~  

12 December 2021 11:10

 Good morning folks I spotted a hand while doing my rounds this morning. It shows one of the greatest ever pairs to play at a bridge table not just in Ireland but recognized as serious opponents in. […]

A sorry finish

Paul Gipson   ~  

18 November 2021 09:05

There was a disappointing end to our BBO InterCity League campaign as we lost heavily to Warsaw in the round of 32.It was particularly galling after such a good performance in the round-robin stage, b. […]

A nice finish

Paul Gipson   ~  

29 October 2021 08:04

Apologies for not blogging more frequently but life has been quite busy recently.We have finished the group stage of the BBO InterCity League and we have topped Group G. Our final match was against se. […]