The 1st bridge cheater in Ireland was my brother ..Wait until you see what came after him

Eamon Galligan   ~  

23 October 2021 10:18

 Back in the early 1990s I had a bridge program called Meadowlark Bridge and PCs were becoming affordable. I was down in Cavan my home town for a few days and brought my PC with me. I was happily pla. […]

USBC Mixed and Women's Winners

Bridge Winners   ~  

23 October 2021 04:40

The ROSENTHAL team (Andrew Rosenthal-Debbie Rosenberg; Chris Willenken-Migry Campanile; Eldad Ginossar-Dana Berkowitz) is USA1 for the 2021 Mixed World Championship scheduled to be played in March-Apr. […]

Update for International Travelers to the Austin NABC

ACBL Official   ~  

22 October 2021 18:10

The ban on international travel into the U.S. remains in effect as of October 22. However, we expect the U.S. government to lift the international travel ban on November 8. Once the international trav. […]

General Pre-Austin Discussion Thread

Bridge Winners   ~  

21 October 2021 21:56

We're putting up a thread early this year for people to discuss the upcoming NABC in Austin. If you have questions, concerns, comments, this is the place for them. We're hoping to keep all discussion. […]

The in-form Paul Tranmer cruises to victory in the NIBU Camrose Trials

Eamon Galligan   ~  

17 October 2021 17:03

 This weekend the most in-form player of the Covid era cruised to victory in the Northern Ireland Camrose trials. Aided by regular partner Wayne Sommerville a top player in his own right Tranmer Somm. […]


Jannes   ~  

8 October 2021 14:42

Hi all, In August we went up North, to Helsinki and Porvoo. Of course I stuffed my belly with amazing food, smoked salmon myself, visited the Coolhead brewery, and acquired an Aarikka wooden duck for. […]

A real challenge

Paul Gipson   ~  

23 September 2021 14:41

Neither pair got to grips with this hand in our latest match in the BBO InterCity League. We were playing the Romanian city of Cluj. At this point the two South players viewed the hand extremely diffe. […]

I was caught speeding by the Grandparents

Eamon Galligan   ~  

23 September 2021 10:20

 Last night while subbing for a robot in Sligo I thought I would try out my trademark weak no points opening being favourable vulnerability. Its a bad habit I have that I cannot get rid of So I whee. […]

Fourth-best of your longest and strongest

Paul Gipson   ~  

15 September 2021 14:27

"Fourth-best of your longest and strongest" is probably the first mantra we are taught when it comes to learning bridge and defence.At some point after this you were hopefully taught about the Rule of. […]

Believe partner, not the opponents

Phasmid   ~  

23 July 2021 13:52

Here's an ordinary hand: ♠J765 ♥A3 ♦T864 ♣J93. It's an IMP pairs and no-one is vulnerable. You are playing vanilla 2/1. Partner is the dealer and starts proceedings with 1♣. After a pass. […]