Face-to-Face versus Electronic – yet again

Larry Cohen   ~  

29 May 2023 16:24

The pros and cons of electronic versus face-to-face have been debated ad nausea in many threads here. I intend this post not to rehash all the old stuff, but to give my views, which might add somethin. […]

Put the Pressure On

Kit Woolsey   ~  

28 May 2023 07:01

In a round-robin match in a JLall tournament, you have an interesting choice of games decision. Both vul, South deals. As North, you hold: 1NT: 14-16 If you wish to explore for. […]

Deals from Day 3

Alt Invitational   ~  

28 May 2023 03:52

Martin Cantor reportsUli (Federico Primavera, Walter Schuster, Ulrike Schuster, Gabriella Olivieri, Gianna Arrigoni, Francesco Mazzadi, Saverio Margiotta, Gabriele Zanasi) won the fifth Alt event of 2. […]

Simple bidding

Paul Gipson   ~  

28 March 2023 19:27

It is always disappointing when you miss a slam that you feel should be simple. As this hand was responsible for a slam swing in every match of tonight's club teams, and nobody reached the 'simple' gr. […]

Authorised panic

Paul Gipson   ~  

24 March 2023 16:47

Many, including David Stevenson and David Burn, have popularised the term "unauthorised panic". According to Stevenson, it describes the feeling of panic that a player endures when they hear an explan. […]

All good things come to an end

Paul Gipson   ~  

20 March 2023 18:12

Harry Smith and I have decided that the latest iteration of the Scottish Lockdown Swiss Teams will be the last.It all started in the dark days of Covid lockdowns but the world has now moved on with ma. […]

The semi-preemptive 3NT

Phasmid   ~  

29 January 2023 21:06

I'm a fan of what I call the semi-preemptive 3NT based on a good minor suit (or minor suit fit). It makes it awkward for the opponents and has relatively little danger for the bidder. If they double,. […]

Camrose Trials 2022 this weekend

Eamon Galligan   ~  

29 October 2022 12:17

 This weekend Oct 29-31 CBAI hosts the Camrose Trials. 9 teams have entered and will do a round robin to eliminate the 5 lowest scoring teams Teams 3 and 9 will progress to the Final 4 round robin.. […]

Spider bridge

Phasmid   ~  

8 October 2022 15:06

Of course, you've heard the story about Robert the Bruce and the spider. Twice the spider failed to connect its web, but succeeded on the third try. That spider and, thus inspired, Robert the Bruce, r. […]

Peter Pigot hosts a Good Players Bridge Game starting Tues Oct 11th on BBO

Eamon Galligan   ~  

5 October 2022 10:46

 To book your slot please revert by return email or text (00-353-86-8146230) and I'll send you the links and instructions next Tuesday 11th at 10am.Good Players Bridge Game with Expert Analysis forum. […]