Bidding After a Slam Try

Mats Nilsland   ~  

24 September 2022 07:01

In this article, we will talk about bidding after a slam try. When our partner has made a slam try, we must consider: How strong is partner’s slam try? Does partner’s slam try deny a specific cont. […]

The return of the BBO InterCity League

Paul Gipson   ~  

23 September 2022 14:51

Last Wednesday saw the return of the BBO InterCity League for its 38th edition. With two editions a year it has been running almost as long as BBO itself.EDINBURGH are participating again as I run a t. […]

First Hand High

Kit Woolsey   ~  

18 September 2022 07:01

In a finals match in the Senior trials, you have to decide whether or not to enter into the enemy auction. None vul, South deals. As West, you hold: Your call?


Jannes   ~  

12 September 2022 11:47

Hi all, I guess it’s about time to write some stories. My office chair, though while comfortable for occassionally lurking on BBO, has been exchanged for more and more frequent live action with real. […]

Allowed to Defend

Kit Woolsey   ~  

11 September 2022 20:27

In a finals match in the Senior trials, you must find the best way to handle a low-level competitive auction. E-W vul, East deals. As North, you hold: Your call?

Papa the Greek outdoes himself--or Greed can be a very bad thing

Phasmid   ~  

11 August 2022 15:05

A robot tournament hand that came up the other day on BBO reminded me of several similar situations from Victor Mollo's wonderful Bridge in the Menagerie series. In these stories, Papa the Greek plays. […]

Two sleeping Defenders and one sleepy Declarer combine to enlighten Poor Spectator

Eamon Galligan   ~  

31 July 2022 13:37

 This morning I spotted this hand featuring Defender1 and Defender2 and Declarer Poor Spectator watched in horror as his great friends performed surgery on the hand The fingers would never work aga. […]

Bidding practice

Paul Gipson   ~  

26 July 2022 11:09

I've written previously about using Bridge Base Online for bidding practice.This is something to use when you want to practice a specific part of the system as you can constrain all four hands to ensu. […]

In case you were interested ...

Paul Gipson   ~  

22 July 2022 07:27

... in the Beer Card, Matthew Granovetter provides an interesting hand where there was more to the play than normal on […]

The push double

Phasmid   ~  

3 July 2022 02:55

A situation often arises in competitive bidding where one side pushes the other side into (usually) a game contract and then the pusher doubles.Like many aspects of bridge logic, this one can be inter. […]