Eamon is having a go at the Moylan Cup 2021 ... 53% after 8 boards

Eamon Galligan   ~  

14 April 2021 11:55

 This morning I decided to have a crack at the Moylan Cup. I made up my 78 board file for Jack using the information  that is provided by BBO. I wonder am I in trouble with GDPR ...does putting folk. […]

A brilliant hand from Malahide Regional Monday night (Did Murphy misclick or mean it) Board 20

Eamon Galligan   ~  

13 April 2021 09:22

 So Murphy is boosted into 6H by the hard working Noel Precision. Everybody looks at the sheet and says COLD ..sheet says 12 tricks by North ...no big deal. So how come half the people did not make. […]

The results of difficult decisions

Paul Gipson   ~  

12 April 2021 12:28

The hands from last week's problems from the Scottish Online League. There are many who think that only the result counts, but really you want to try and get the decision right as often as possible. T. […]

Balanced Hand

Kit Woolsey   ~  

11 April 2021 22:23

In a round of 32 match in the Vanderbilt, you face a difficult competitive decision. N-S vul, West deals. As South, you hold: 1!C: Strong, artificial 1NT: Minors 2!H would be a. […]


Paul Gipson   ~  

8 April 2021 10:24

I was disappointed with the performance of the Whippersnappers, my junior team, last week but they returned yesterday with a crushing defeat of the league leaders. I believe that they play better agai. […]

Round six of the InterCity League

Paul Gipson   ~  

8 April 2021 09:42

Having sat out for a week, the EDINBURGH team was back playing Bad Kreuznach from Germany.Alex and I soon found one advantage to finding a fair sacrifice, is that the opponents may bid on and get too. […]

A sad losing challenge against Kelan ...but I really won despite minus 35 on scoresheet

Eamon Galligan   ~  

7 April 2021 09:35

 Board 1 We both bid and make 6Hboard 2 the Kerry makes 3NT on diamond queen offside fallingboard 3 a kind of pushboard 4 kerry misses routine 4S board 5 Kerry is allowed make 3NT board 6 kerry ge. […]

Alt News: MOSS wins Newco3

Alt Invitational   ~  

5 April 2021 12:47

MOSS STRIKES AGAIN In last week's session of Alt’s monthly NewCo competition, team MOSS padded their lead after another victory in group A. There was direct promotion for teams SALVO, FREDIN, ULI, a. […]

What He Knows

Kit Woolsey   ~  

4 April 2021 11:42

In a round of 32 match in the Vanderbilt, you face a close decision on your opening bid. Both vul, West deals. As North, you hold: Your opening 1NT range is 14-16. Your 1!C open. […]

When you really want it to be for penalties but it just isn't

Phasmid   ~  

5 March 2021 23:49

 In a recent online club game, I picked up the following not very promising hand: QT874 75 Q9632 6 as West. We were at unfavorable vulnerability and partner opened 2H as dealer. RHO doubled and I qui. […]