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For Bloggers

This is the place you will find information about the site. It is intended primarily for those of you who have created and maintain blog sites here. However, if you are not a “Bridge Blogger” do not fret, you are welcome to browse the information.

In general this is information about how to manage your blog site and tutorials about creating blog posts and pages. Most of it is provided on separate pages dedicated to a particular topic or in the form of downloadable PDF files (or both!).

Information On-Line — Full-Length Tutorials

Creating and Editing Posts — Tips and Techniques describes some general things about editing posts (and pages) using the WordPress “Visual Editor” and provides detailed information about using our “Bridge Tools II”. The latter are tools to make creating articles about bridge easier and produce more professional-looking results.

New Bloggers Guide is a tutorial for those of you who are new to blogging on It has been completely revised to match our current release of WordPress.

More for Bloggers is a tutorial that picks up where the New Bloggers Guide leaves off. It is for the more adventuresome of you.

Managing Blog Sites describes a bit about WordPress administration but, more importantly, how to find relevant help information.

Information On-Line — Mini-Tutorials

Bridge Tools II — Full-Deal covers entering information into the dialog for creating a full-deal diagram.

Downloadable PDF Files

New Bloggers Guide is a PDF version created directly from the New Bloggers Guide page. You can download it and view it off-line if you wish.

A Bridge Movie Tutorial explains how to create “BBO Bridge Movies” (BBO refers to “Bridge Base Online”). These movies can be displayed in your Bridge Blogging blog or on your own site (if you have one) or on a blog hosted elsewhere.