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New Bloggers Guide

Upload - Insert

Fig #12

Lastly, you may have noticed the little bar resembling the above picture. Clicking on this leads into a dialog with lots of things to discuss, which we do in another tutorial. For now, just remember that if you accidentally click a button that results in a dialog box you do not understand, the X button (upper right corner of the dialog) closes it.

All Dressed Up, and Nowhere to Go?

Now that you’ve written your finely-crafted first blog post, you want to share it with the world! But how do you get your gussied-up post out the door? Where did he leave his coat anyway? And have you seen his umbrella? There are a few more steps you can take before releasing your post to the Internet.

There are options you can set that change the appearance of the whole editing window. We set these one way when we create a new blog site for you, but you can change them. Keep in mind that what we have been describing (for example the side-bar with just icons, not text) just reflects one lot of settings. The same applies to the following items. These “boxes” appear below that large edit pane, but if you change certain settings, they will appear as a right-hand side-bar.


Fig #13

While you were in the Add New Post window writing away, you may have noticed a few boxes we haven’t covered waiting expectantly below the edit pane: the Publish, Tags, and Categories boxes. The latter two, as I mentioned earlier on: page 7, are used to track and recall your posts. An example of a Tags box after tags have been added can be seen at the right.

You can see that any tags you add (by pressing the Add button) can easily be deleted by simply clicking the X next to them. You’ll also notice that tags can be whatever you wish; any theme or idea you wish to define can be a tag.

Most Used Tags

Fig #14

The picture at the left shows the results of clicking the “Choose from the most used tags” link at the bottom of this box. In my case, these are the only tags I have used so far. The results you get will depend on how often, and how varied, your tag usage is.

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