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New Bloggers Guide


Fig #15

The Categories box, seen at the left, is similar to the Tags box, but less specific (see page 7 for details). Like Tags, new categories can be added easily (click + Add New Category), and posts can be saved under specific categories by simply clicking the white box next to the category name.


Fig #16

Finally, we come to the last step of the basic blogging process: Publishing. The Publish box, seen at the left, holds all the tools you’ll need to give your blog one big push out into the world.

As you are writing your blog, you will probably want to hit the Save Draft button every once in a while, to make sure you don’t lose your work. WordPress will do some auto-saving of its own, but to make sure that great turn of phrase isn’t lost forever, save your blog.

Quick Hint: Don’t panic if the page flashes when you hit Save Draft. It’s just your Internet browser reloading your work. Everything is still there!

The second large button in this box is Preview. Clicking this button causes a new browser window (or tab, depending on your browser settings) to open, which will display what your blog will look like once you have published it. You may want to preview your work before publishing, just to make sure everything looks the way you wanted it to.

Also in this box are three options to fine-tune the publishing of your post. We will discuss Status, Visibility, and Publishing Date in another tutorial. For now, as long as the Status says Draft (when the post is a draft), the Visibilty is Public, and the Publishing Time is Immediately, you are set to publish your post.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that Publish button already!

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