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New Bloggers Guide

WordPress 101

So how does this magic happen?

Though it may sound intimidating, desktop publishing with WordPress is not complicated. If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll do just fine with WordPress.

You’ll need two things to operate the WordPress program:

  1. The Internet (which we already know you have)
  2. Words (preferably about Bridge-related things)

Great! Once you have these essentials, it’s time to take a look at what you’ll expect to see when you open up WordPress for the first time.

If you’ve reached the point where you’re reading this tutorial, we’ve probably already set you up with a WordPress account, user name (likely your name), and a temporary password. Don’t worry if you don’t like or can’t remember the password, you’ll get the chance to change it later.

Your first step will be opening up your Internet browser of choice, and entering the URL (website address) we gave you into the address bar, just like you do when you go to browse

It’ll probably look something like:

This address will take you to a page that looks like :

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Fig #1

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