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New Bloggers Guide

We are just going over the basics, so we will only describe the buttons on the two-tool-bar configuration — if you see four tool-bars, click the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink button to get rid of the middle two. In fact, the very important tools in the bottom row are described in detail on another page: Creating and Editing Posts — Tips and Techniques.

Each of these buttons influences the text directly. Some of these have more obvious functions than others, and can be applied to the text by either selecting/de-selecting them before/after the words or phrases that you want affected, or by highlighting (simply, holding the left mouse button down and dragging it over the text — you’ll know it’s working when the colors of the text and background invert) the relevant text, and then clicking the desired button.

Let’s talk about what each of these buttons does:

Functions followed by ** are explained further in another tutorial.

BoldBolds the text

ItalicItalicizes the text

Strike-throughStrikes out selected text

ListCreates a bulleted, or a numbered, list

QuoteHighlighted, block-quote.

AlignAligns your text to be flush left, centered, or flush right in the box

LinkInserts a link in the post, or undoes a created link

MoreInserts a “More…” tag which affects the display of the post **

Spell CheckerActivates the spell-checker. Clicking on the arrow will present a drop down box that enables you to switch the language the spellcheck recognizes

Full ScreenClicking this button allows you to expand the text editing box to fill the entire screen, like a Word document. You can switch back to standard by clicking this button again

Clicking this button reveals the Kitchen Sink**

Suit PipsInserts the suit symbol that is clicked on **

Bridge AuctionPresents a dialog allowing a bridge auction to be entered (two types of auction diagrams) **

Bridge HandsPresents a dialog allowing a bridge hands to entered (six types of diagrams) **

Bridge MoviePresents a dialog allowing a BBO bridge movie to be inserted **

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