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New Bloggers Guide

What Does This Button Do?

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, and hopefully any questions you’ve had on the way in, we can get down to what we came here for: getting your blog out there. Let’s reiterate your directions, taking the most immediate route possible:

  1. Login
  2. Click “Add New” on the Dashboard side-panel

That was easy, huh? Now we’re at the place where you’ll be spending most of your time: the Add New Post page. Let us break it down into manageable pieces.

Untitled New Post

Fig #10

Above is the title bar, found just below the “Add New Post” heading. Simple enough. When you have entered a title, it will change slightly, as shown below.

New Post with Permalink

Fig #10b

What you shouldn’t worry about here is the Permalink. All this does is inform you what the direct link to your post will be. There is no reason you should ever need to edit this information. (However, should you want to, this will be discussed in another tutorial.)

Below the title bar you will see a big white empty panel. This (finally!) is where you’ll be entering the text of your blog. Now, I can’t tell you what to write about, but I can help you to make it look pretty.

Let’s take a look at some text editing options shown in the “tool-bars” above that big, white, empty panel. There are two ways the tool-bars may display, The first, shown immediately below, shows two rows of icons (buttons you can click):

Basic Tool-bars

Fig #11

When you hover your mouse pointer over any of these buttons (or “tools), a “hint” will be displayed. If you hover the mouse pointer over the right-most one in the top tool-bar, it will reveal the hint, “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt + Shift + Z)” (even software developers can have a sense of humor). If you see the tool-bars as pictured above, clicking that button will change your window so you see the tool-bars as pictured below; if you seen them as below, it will change it to the above. It “toggles” the display.

All the Tool-bars

Fig #11b

Quick Hint: If you do not see one of the above sets of tool-bars when WordPress loads, try switching the tab (in the upper right corner just above the tool-bars) from HTML to VISUAL

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