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New Bloggers Guide

Hurray, I’m Published! — Now What?

Once you hit the Publish button, your post will appear on the main page of your blog, which you can view at:

But if you should ever notice something about your published post that you want to change, all you have to do is select the post from the Post menu (click on the stick-pin icon to see it), make the changes in the text editing panel, and then head over to the Publish box, which will now resemble the picture below on the left.

Update Post

Fig #17

Now, instead of just previewing, you can Preview Changes you want to make to your post, see the date of when your post was first published, and then either click the Update Post button, or, if you find you never really liked your post after all, the Move to Trash link.

Then maybe go write a new post with your shiny new blogging skills!

Quick Hint: If you’re looking in vain on the Home page for your entry, fear not! The compilation of all recently updated blogs takes a while to update — you should see your post within 1/2-hour, just be patient. Note: The Home page will not display more than the three most recent posts from any Bridge Blogging Blogger. This is just to be fair to all our bloggers!

Log OutWhen you’re done blogging for the day, don’t forget to head on up to the top right-hand corner of the page where it says “Howdy…“. Hover the cursor over that until you see the drop-down menu shown at the right. Then move the cursor over “Log Out” and click it.

Quick Hint: If you click on “Howdy…” the page will be refreshed and show you something else strange! Just mouse on over to “Howdy…” again, but this time don’t click on it — wait for the drop-down menu to appear and then click on “Log Out“.

Congratulations! You have just learned all about basic blogging using WordPress.

Give yourself a pat on the back, and then head over to your blog to start Bridge Blogging!

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