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New Bloggers Guide

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Fig #3

The central Dashboard panel shown above tells you what’s happening (or what has been happening) on your blog. It keeps a cumulative tally of how many posts you’ve made, how many Pages you’ve put up (one page for every separate area of the website; your blog is one page, your profile is another, etc.), and the number of Tags you have used (a tag is just what it says it is: a keyword for identifying subjects in a given post).

There is also information about Comments people have made, including how many of them you have approved, and how many are spam. Comments are sort of like answering machine messages. People who read your blog can choose to leave them to let you know their thoughts on what you wrote. As a blog author, you have the ability to screen the comments on your blog. Comments can be set to be approved automatically. You’ll be able to see the two or three most recent comments people have made in the box right under this one on the Dashboard. Only after you approve something will it be visible to others viewing your blog. We will discuss this a little later.

Hopefully, you will not get any spam comments. We set up software called Akismet to catch (what it thinks are) spam comments on all our writers blogs. You may want to review the spam queue from time to time to make sure it hasn’t accidentally stopped anything important from coming through. Note: Comments flagged as spam will be deleted automatically from the spam queue after 10 days, so if you are worried, check about once a week (or more often if you want!).

Things in this box not to worry about:

  1. The Theme and the Widgets. We take care of that for you.
  2. Updating your WordPress version. We take care of that as well. Besides, you cannot do it anyway 🙂

Moving on…

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