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New Bloggers Guide

Post Shows the title of your post, which you can click on to go directly to that entry, as well as whether or not the post is a draft.
Author Indicates the author of the post. This will usually be you.
Categories Shows how you have classified each post. For example, you can have a “Bridge” category, and a “Life” category. Later on, we will explore adding categories.
Tags Similar to Categories, except usually more specific. These will help to further sort your posts. For example, you could tag a post with “NT hands” or “Slams”. A post could be in the “Bridge” category, but tagged with “Regionals”. Then, clicking on “Regionals” under this bar will bring up all the posts you have tagged with Regionals, as opposed to sorting through the entire bridge category to find them. Adding tags is simple, and will be discussed later in this tutorial.
Comments While not actually labeled as such (it is represented by the speech bubble), the “Comments” section keeps track of how many people have commented on each post. Clicking on the comment bubble for a given post will bring up any comments made, and give you the option to approve or delete them, if you have not already done so.
Date The Date column lists the last time you edited post X if the post is a draft. If not, the date displayed will be the day you published the post.

The Posts panel covers the main part of the screen. Above it, you will find various options for sorting the information you can view on this screen. The first three options (All, Published, and Drafts) will show only posts of that type, depending which one is selected.

Other actions you can take from this window are shown in the following picture and explained below it.

Posts Display Options

Fig #8

Clicking the little arrow to the right of “Bulk Actions” reveals the options Edit and Move to Trash, which will be applied to any posts you have check off when you click the Apply button.

Clicking the little arrow to the right of “Show all dates” shows a list of months in which you created posts. Clicking one of them will restrict posts to those from that month.

Similarly, selecting a category from the View all categories menu (which will include all the categories you have set up and “Uncategorized“) restricts posts to ones having that category set.

If you click the Filter button, then the criteria you have selected from Show all dates and View all categories are applied and the list of posts is updated.

Search Posts

Fig #9

Also on this page, you’ll find a couple of buttons in the top-right corner. The buttons shown to the left change the way you see the Posts window. The one on the left selects the List View, which is the default, and shows only the title of all of your posts. The button on the right selects Excerpt View, which not only gives the title of your posts in the main panel, but also a few sentences from each article.

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